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The Emperor's New Clothes

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The Emperor has been out shopping for new clothes - again.

That was my single reflection after having spent 45 minutes listening to a high-profile business consultant talking about his "method"​. I mean, we all agree that the emperor is best off wearing clothes; the content of the "method"​ was not in any way bad or wrong, it was just plain common sense, repeating the same pains and remedies as a long range of other academics and business consultants have spoken and written about hundres, thousands of times. In the reflection break-out session, we discussed what we got ut of it. People started saying "very useful"​, "interesting"​, "good perspectives"​ and all the normal polite comments. I decided to play the Devil's Advocate this time, and basically shared my reflection about the Emperor's New Clothes. My peers started sniggering, saying "well, yes…."​.

As a keynote speaker, business advisor and in general a person with opinions about things, I may also find myself in situations where my audience or clients think the same as I did today; "Emperor's New Clothes"​. If, when, that happens, I please ask you to do me a favour: TELL ME YOUR HONEST OPINION. I believe in growth, not through being told polite white lies, but through benign and reflected feedback.

We need to work together to create the future of business and leadership. I believe the best efforts come through helping each other to see problems from new perspectives, through reframing of challenges, and through well-meant feedback.

I promise I will listen to your perspectives.

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