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Elin Hauge

AI and Business Strategist

Professional Speaker

Board Chair & Member

Video Introduction 

About Elin

Watch this video to learn a little about who Elin Hauge is and what she is passionate about.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Speaker

Keynotes, Master Classes, and Moderation

In her talks, Elin provides thought-provoking and forward-looking perspectives on the application of artificial intelligence in business and society. She speaks with easy-to-understand language, captivating stage energy, and a realistic balance of technology optimism and skepticism.

AI and Business Strategy

Bridging the gap between data-driven technologies and business value

Elin has a unique ability to connect the logic of data in business processes with high-level business strategy and value creation, and then extrapolate the implications  into the future. 

Mentoring and Board Work

Bringing strategic business acumen & AI competence to C-level & boards

With one foot in the corporate world and one in the startup world, combined with a genuine willingness to share, straightforward attitude and big smile, Elin is a highly valued mentor and board director for a wide range of companies. Elin has formal certification in board work under Norwegian law.

Elin has built bridges between business and data-driven technologies for more than 20 years, with AI as the main focus area. Through her work with business leaders and tech entrepreneurs, she has developed a strong ability to connect the dots between business strategy and the application of AI.

About Elin


Elin creates a well-rounded approach in providing actionable takeaways to amplify AI for audience members and businesses alike to optimize their organizations accordingly.

Work with Elin

Send a message or a booking request through the contact form and Elin will reply as soon as possible.

Elin is an energetic and engaging speaker. She combines personal experience with historical analogies to sketch out contemporary issues. She explains complex concepts with plain language and provides her audience with relevant and memorable examples.

Ashis Jalote Parmar

Associate Professor, NTNU

Elin’s keynote on the metaverse and the future of digital technology was the most thought-provoking talk I’ve ever attended in my 25 years in consulting. She challenged our consultants to do better and take ownership. I shall be asking the same of myself, and our clients.

Consulting Director

International Consultancy

Elin is an engaging speaker. She was the last of three speakers on the same topic, and managed in a very smooth way to adjust to the previous speakers, and complement and round off the topic with relevant takeaways.

Vestfold IT-arena



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