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Elin is an amazing speaker! She has deep insight and knowledge of AI and her delivery of complex topics in a comprehensive and engaging manner is of top international quality. Her talks have great flow, are extremely informative, they provide excellent insight and shed light on hot topics from unexpected angles. After Elin’s talk you are sure to be inspired to learn more about AI! To be honest, I’m flabbergasted she doesn’t have a TED talk yet. That’s a big miss from their side.

Anna Edvardsen

This breakfast session wasn't only interesting because of the incredibly hot topic of AI but also because of Elin's remarkable performance, knowledge, and outstanding public speaking skills. 

Sara Alteryd

Elin's ability to engage and inspire the audience is remarkable. I’ve rarely experienced charismatic speakers like her and I really enjoyed her talk. It was not only informative but also entertaining.

Maximillian Pasch

Spot-on keynote about a highly relevant topic; artificial intelligence. Elin was well prepared, with storyline and key takeaways tailored for our domain.

Norwegian Mapping Authority

Highly challenging and engaging keynote on a very important topic; sustainability vs digitalization – we are very satisfied !

Embriq AS

Elin Hauge has an authentic, intelligent, and engaging way of communicating, with an edge that inspires attention and action. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to listen to her keynote on the Metaverse Mania.

Cecilia Karlsen Gnaly

Elin’s keynote on the metaverse and the future of digital technology was the most thought-provoking talk I’ve ever attended in my 25 years in consulting. She challenged our consultants to do better and take ownership. I shall be asking the same of myself, and our clients.

Consulting Director, International Consultancy

Elin Hauge has a fantastic way of cutting through the noise and sharing what’s relevant. This was the best presentation on AI I’ve seen so far.

Steven O'Neill

Partner Business Manager, HPE Ireland

Elin is an engaging speaker. She was the last of three speakers on the same topic, and managed in a very smooth way to adjust to the previous speakers, and complement and round off the topic with relevant takeaways.

Vestfold IT Arena

As a global speaker I have participated in many conferences and panels – however the one organized and moderated by Elin was truly extraordinary. She assembled a topic notch set of panelists with diverse views, planned and held us accountable to be prepared then moderated the discussion with ease, humor and great insights. I highly recommend her for any panel moderation and planning.

Jennifer Vessels

Partner, The Future Work Forum

As a conference organizer I have been very impressed with Elin’s clear, down to earth speaking style. She provides new perspectives to challenging topics while pragmatically explaining AI, eco-systems, digital transformation – all with energy and humor. If you want to educate and inspire your team to think differently, Elin is a perfect choice. 

Jennifer Vessels

Partner, The Future Work Forum

Elin is an energetic and engaging speaker. She combines personal experience with historical analogies to sketch out contemporary issues. She explains complex concepts with plain language and provides her audience with relevant and memorable examples. Her talk on the topic of “Responsibility and Regulation in AI” was very well received by the course participants of ‘Design Thinking & AI -Life-long learning’ course at NTNU. Looking forward to many more collaborative interactions!

Ashis Jalote Parmar Associate Professor,  NTNU

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