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The launch of chatGPT made artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, the hottest topic of 2023. Everybody has an opinion, ranging from starstruck awe to existential fear. At the same time, authorities and business professionals alike predict that artificial intelligence will be the single most important factor in innovation and increased value-creation in the coming decade.


But what is artificial intelligence really about, and what makes it so powerful? Are we standing at the doorstep of a future where Singularity rules the world, humans are mere servants, and we are all subject to the whims of a ubiquitous artificial intelligence? 


In this talk, Elin guides the audience through the fog of hype and hysteria. She explains how mathematics and statistics applied to large amounts of data can automate tasks and processes, completely change business models, redefine search and research, and fuel innovation of new products and services. She then invites the audience to reflect on the flip sides of artificial intelligence, such as responsibility, accountability, discriminatory practices, cyber security, and sustainability.


Bottom line is, artificial intelligence is here to stay. How will this impact you, and what should you do to remain relevant in your position?

Audience takeaways:

  • Pragmatic understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, including references to and explanations of recent developments.

  • Future-looking perspectives on the alignment of humans and machines

  • Realistic expectations of the power of artificial intelligence

Generative AI tools like chatGPT and its peers have fundamentally challenged our trust in machines. 'Hallucination' is no longer merely a symptom of a human condition, it is the characterization of the mismatch between human expectations for how machines should work and what generative AI is really about. At the same time, the media reports an increasing number of stories about artificial intelligence causing discriminatory practices in public services, healthcare, education, law enforcement, etc.


To overcome this misalignment between humans and machines, we need to fundamentally understand the implications of using artificial intelligence tools - aka mathematics and statistics applied to large amounts of data - to automate tasks, processes, and decisions.


How can companies and organizations approach the collection and algorithmic use of data in a way that builds and maintains trust? Where does regulation come into this picture, and how can compliance with new AI regulations be ensured? And how can we navigate in a digital world where the borders between real and fake are continuously challenged?


Audience takeaways:

  • Concrete understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, including references to and explanations of recent developments.

  • Pragmatic overview of the coming AI Act from the EU Commission

  • Recommendations for how to close the trust gap between humans and algorithms

Artificial intelligence (AI) is positioned to be the single most important factor in the increase of global value-creation in the coming decade. Although artificial intelligence has been around for decades, it was the launch of chatGPT in November 2022 that really shifted the paradigm. The current hype and hysteria around AI is beyond what we have seen around any technology development in modern history.


But what is artificial intelligence really about, and how should you as board or C-suite member understand and approach this very powerful toolbox? Why are chatGPT and its peers, viewed from a business strategy perspective, a derailment? Which strategic discussions should you have, and what do you need to understand about mathematics and statistics on large amounts of data to navigate wisely and create value for your shareholders?


Authorities around the world are deploying regulations for the development and use of AI. From the European Union, for example, we will have the AI Act. What are the key implications for your business model and your company's algorithmic use of data and how can you start preparing for the coming compliance requirements?

Audience takeaways:

  • Concrete understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, including references to and explanations of recent developments.

  • New perspectives on strategic challenges in light of artificial intelligence adoption in the market.

  • Overview of key elements of the coming AI Act and their implications for your business model.

We tend to think that everything digital is sustainable because data flying around on the wireless internet doesn't leave any footprints. Or perhaps they do…? In addition, generative AI and the quest for Artificial General Intelligence is proclaimed to be the solution to many of the major problems on the planet, such as mitigation of climate change, increased food production, healthcare and care-taking of aging populations, education, and green energy transition, only to mention a few. But what about the hardware footprint, the computation power required to develop and operate this generative AI frenzy, and the very tangible human and societal costs?


In this talk, Elin will blow your mind with some heart-breaking and stunning facts and anecdotes about the clash between artificial intelligence and sustainability. How can you as a leader and decision-maker navigate in this overwhelming, complex landscape, and fast-moving? What do you need to understand, what are your options, and how much impact can you really make?

Audience takeaways:

  • New insights about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

  • Increased ability to balance value-creating opportunities vs problematic consequences.

  • Concrete recommendations for how to navigate more wisely in this complex landscape.

Example Talks


Elin excels at bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and business, society, and humans. She connects the dots across various domains, identifying new business opportunities and anticipating challenges and implications. Her perspectives on digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, encompass responsibility, ethics, cyber security, sustainability, and exciting opportunities. Elin balances technology optimism with realism, effectively communicating her perspectives using relevant examples, accessible language, and genuine passion.

How to Book Elin

Elin always works closely with her customers to customize the content of the talk to her audience.

This means that all her talks are unique and tailor-made.


For bookings, please contact Bob Strange.

Bob Strange

The Closer Speakers Consultancy Ltd

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