We tend to think that everything digital is sustainable because data flying around on the wireless internet doesn't leave any footprints. Or do they…? In this talk, Elin will blow your mind with some heart-breaking and stunning facts and anecdotes about the clash between digitalization and sustainability. At the same time, digital technologies such as cloud platforms, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and blockchain are indeed important for the sustainable future of businesses and societies.

How can you as a leader and decision-maker navigate in this overwhelming and complex landscape of digital technologies and sustainability issues? What do you need to understand, what are your options, and how much impact can you really make?


In this talk, Elin will give three actionable recommendations for how you as a leader can contribute to a smarter and more sustainable digital future.


Have you noticed the two big elephants dancing around in the room every time artificial intelligence is brought up? The two elephants are called You and Me. Artificial intelligence is, in very simple terms, mathematical recipes applied to large amounts of data. But where do those data come from? From You and Me. And that is where the problem of natural stupidity comes in. To quote Cassie Kozyrkow, "artificial intelligence is a thoughtlessness enabler".


In this talk, Elin starts out by setting the stage with a pragmatic overview of what artificial intelligence is (and is not).  Then she provides thought-provoking perspectives on some of the key opportunities and challenges within artificial intelligence and concludes with three selected actionable recommendations for how to mitigate natural stupidity and build a smarter and more responsible future for businesses and societies.


Are you tired of hearing about a distant future where robots rule the world, humans are mere servants, and we are all subject to the whims of ubiquitous artificial intelligence? Let's put those nasty fairytales aside for now, and discuss what is actually possible here and now. Let's talk about how mathematics applied to large amounts of data can automate processes, completely change how you do business, and fuel the innovation of new products and services. As a business leader and decision-maker, having a basic understanding of artificial intelligence should be as compulsory as having access to a computer. In this talk, you will get real-life examples that are relevant for your industry, a concrete understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, and recommendations for what you as a leader and decision-maker should focus on.


As the physical world in 2021 was occupied with the covid pandemic, the Metaverse became the new kid on the block in the digital world. Although Zuckerberg coined the term 'Meta', the Metaverse is way more than Facebook on speed and steroids. It is often referred to as the next generation internet, where gaming and social media meet blockchain and decentralized economies. But why should you as a business leader care? And should you be excited or scared? Should you start creating your avatar or turn the computer off and take a walk in the forest?

In this talk, Elin will demystify some of the new jargon, and give an overview of what the metaverse is (and is not). She will share her perspectives on exciting opportunities and challenging concerns, and why you as a business leader and citizen should care. And what, if any, action you may need to take.


In April 2021, the EU Commission published a proposal for regulation of AI. At the core of the regulation is protection of the fundamental rights of the individual. Bias, or rather the absence of, is an essential component. But why do we need this regulation, and what does it really mean for you as a leader and decision-maker? And why do we need to have a serious talk about a pair of huge elephants in the room - namely you and me?


In this lecture, Elin provides humoristic and thought-provoking perspectives on human nature in the intersection with data-driven technologies, the harsh realities of regulation, and recommendations for how to build a more intelligent and responsible future.


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Elin's core competence is how to bridge the gap between data-driven technologies and value for business, society, and humans, now and 5 steps down the road. She balances technology optimism with skepticism, and communicates her perspectives with relevant examples, familiar language, and genuine passion.

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Elin always works closely with her customers to customize the content of the talk to her audience.

This means that all her talks are unique and tailor-made.


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